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FINANCES. What We Believe

The New Apostolic Movement Has Begun


We would like to welcome you to take part in the greatest move of God since the Early Church.

The End Times Apostolic Movement began officially at the turn of the Century, coming clearly into focus around the year 2001. And we were part of that birthing and the first beginnings of the restoration of the Apostolic Office to the Body of Christ.

The Lord chose to hide His Apostles for a season. And just Seven Years later, the time came for the Hidden Warriors that have been waiting in the wings to show themselves and be manifested to the World.

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When Jesus walked this earth, He poured everything that He had into just 12 men. Those men revolutionized this world and began a movement that is still going strong today. They paid a price just as today's apostles do. An era has come where God is restoring the office of Apostleship to the church.

Why an Apostolic Movement?

Is God raising up His Apostles just for the purpose of touting a few new titles in our modern age? Hardly. The call to Apostleship is one of servanthood, parenthood and mentorship. So we ask you child of God, "Where are the leaders and the spiritual parents?"

Where are the hidden apostles who are willing to pay the price? Together we are starting another movement. A movement that will lead the church into the Promised Land that God has. A time and place where every believer is walking in His power and shining as a city on the hill.

What is the Apostolic Movement International?

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We are a ministry organization led by Apostles, Prophets and Teachers who have been given a mandate from God the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ, to go and prepare the Body of Christ for the final move of God. To make the bride ready for her Bridegroom who will soon return. Although our Headquarter Ministry Center is located in San Diego, California, we reach all over the globe with divisions in Europe and South Africa.

To accomplish this work the Lord has told us to go and find the Hidden Warriors whom He has hidden away, waiting for the time of their manifestation. God has reserved for Himself apostles, both men and women, who are not currently visible or part of the Status Quo Church System.

These men and women have not sought to exalt themselves, but their hearts have cried out to the Lord for someone to lead the way and to help them find their place in the future church.

They are dissatisfied with the state of the Body of Christ, and have seen the abuse of power by those who have reigned over God's people. They have cried out to the Lord to bring change and to reveal His Pattern for the End Times Church.

To those who are in this group we bring the Good News. Your time has come. The Lord has shown the way, and we would like to invite you to rise up now and take your place.

Together Apostles and other Fivefold Ministers are set aside by the Holy Spirit to lead the Apostolic Movement International. They are subject to each other in the Lord, providing a covering of protection for each other, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself being the true leader of this ministry.

What Does This Apostolic Ministry Offer?

The mandate from the Lord Jesus is to set in place those who will lead the Body of Christ to its final glory, leading up to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ for His Church.

To accomplish this we plan to offer the following:

1. Free Courses and Publications. We give out free resources daily from courses on the Fivefold Ministry to a daily prophetic word. Simply put your e-mail in the right hand box to see what you can get for free.

2. Full Apostolic and Fivefold Ministry Training for every apostle whom God has called, who desires to have a part in the Future Church. Please visit our Divisions page for a full list.

3. Certification and Licensing to all partners and qualifying students of Apostolic Movement International.

4. Fellowship and Accountability for all those who wish to be in association with AMI, and accreditation for those who complete studies in the AMI Fivefold Ministry School, which has been established exclusively for those called to a Fivefold Ministry Office.

5. Social Networking for all apostles who become members of AMI, enabling them to fellowship with each other under the covering of Apostolic Leaders. Because we have the resources, we are able to refer people that come to us to our nearest partner in their region for live ministry.

6. Apostolic Parenting. The Lord has raised up Apostles as parents and leaders. Through hands on training at our ministry center in san diego, international visits and online contact, they pour out to those the Lord has sent to us.

7. Mentorship. We rely heavily on our ministry team that have been personaly trained to mentor and raise up leaders. Hand-picked by the Lord, you can expect an on-fire minister to respond to every call, letter or feedback on this site.

Welcome to Apostolic Movement International. Please feel free to join us and be part of the new Apostolic Move of God.

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