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FINANCES. What We Believe

General Prophetic Word for 2010

By: Apostle Colette Toach

I have lined your road with rejoicing says the Lord. And as you look up into the heavens, you will see My angels singing and dancing. For today is a day of great celebration just as in the day of old when you would see the soldiers go out from the city and there would be great shouts and there would be great rejoicing. And the women would be singing and the tambourines would be playing as they exited the city gates.

So, says the Lord, are you entering into a new era. But you are leaving the comfort of the city that you knew. You are leaving the realm of the home and the security that you once had. But you are heading out with great rejoicing.

This is not a time for mourning. This is not a time of looking back and saying, “I miss home.” No indeed, says the Lord, this is a time for singing, for clapping, for shouting, for jumping for joy, because out there is the land that I have given you. And out there is where you are going to take it.

You cannot take the land sitting at home and sitting in the four walls that you have been in up until now. So I have swung the gates open, the city gates open, says the Lord, and now you will head out on this new road I have given you.

And it will be with a shout, and it will be with a dance, and it will be with an explosion. And you will jump up and you will run, and you will run as you have never run before. And you will skip as you have never skipped before. And you will do cartwheels as you have never done before.

But you will take this land. And you will do it with great joy and with great expectation and with great faith and with great hope and with great love. And I will equip you with this says the Lord. For in yourselves you do not have this faith or hope or love. You are nothing. You have come to this place of realizing, “Lord I have no love in my heart. I have no faith. I have no fire.”

But I will ignite you because I will breathe on you. And I will come upon you with My Holy Spirit and I will cause those embers to explode into a new fire. And a joy will come upon you. People will look upon you and I will add to you a new spirit and a new anointing.

For up until now you have walked in an anointing of love. But now you will walk in a power of joy because there is power in joy, there is power in expectation. And as you spread this joy into My Body it will suddenly start to dance and its foot will start to tap, and it will come to life and it will dance over every work of the enemy, says the Lord.

So look forward to this year because it is something that you have never seen or experienced before. Amen!


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